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Wrangler Frame Welds Failing- Recall Issued

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FCA will apparently be issuing a recall and stop sale on some 2018 and 2019 Wranglers, as a weld that is meant to hold the track bar bracket to the frame might fail.

The recall affects approximately 18,000 vehicles, which will all be inspected. FCA believes that around 4% of vehicles may have the issue. Some owners have already posted up some very worrisome footage of the problem.
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Not impressed at all and i think this might be why car makers have been sending special vehicles to reputable 3rd parts companies that already do a good job.
It's probably why that small production company up in Canada took over Ford GT production and not Ford themselves.
Wow can't believe we're seeing such shoddy production quality on a brand new FCA product. They are really fortunate to have some of the most brand loyal customers in the industry.
I think it might be a case of them needing more human oversight on the welds or better machines to do the jobs or better yet better humans to program those robots.

Yet another reason to explain why I always see an abundance of F150's on the road.
I think FCA has seen quite a lot of interest in the JL, so this issue could very well be a result of rushed production. They are lucky that there have been any serious injuries or deaths as a result of this problem, because a lawsuit could really hamper the JL's launch.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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