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Wrangler is selling...like a lot

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Now we know that the Wrangler has always seen fairly successful numbers, but last month they hit a new milestone. In April the Wrangler managed to get 29,776 sales, which almost hits the figures that Toyota typically sees with the Camry. Last month there was only a difference of 72 sales between the two models. Not sure how many of these we're JK's though, so I guess well see if the JL can hit these numbers alone.
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It's because the new Wrangler JL isn't just a bare bones off-road vehicle anymore. With all the new tech and comfort features, even those who usually look at touring cars will give it a second glance. Think @Gina was one of those who were attracted by how upscale the new Wrangler is while still maintaining parts of its heritage.
They also don't have much competition in the segment, which could change once Ford properly introduces the new Bronco. There is no arguing that the Wrangler has come a long way since the YJ, and it looks like the market has shifted with it, as the 4 door is now the more popular model.
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