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Wrangler JL for fire department POV?

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Is anyone using their Wrangler JL (or older) for a fire department POV? If so, can you share what kind of lights y'all are using? I took delivery of my Saharacon (that's a Sahara with a Rubicon hood and wheels) a few days ago. I have a light bar, radio, and other lights for the fire department that I had on a Sequoia. I'm not sure I can mount the light bar on the roof of the Sahara. Thoughts, experiences??




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Problem with the JL is the lack of bolts to mount on the beackets, they're on the JK but not the JL and aftermarket companies are probably trying to figure out how to mount those light bars without drilling into the body. I think people can mount a light bar on the hood, but there may be a bit of hood glare.

Thanks for keeping people safe!
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