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Wrangler JL Turbo Four May Not Produce 368 HP

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Just last week a vehicle identification number decoding document was discovered, something Fiat Chrysler filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and on it was a list of Wrangler JL engines with corresponding power outputs. Fans were most likely excited at the prospect of getting a 368 hp turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four engine as an option, but that may now be off the table.

Automotive News recently found out Fiat Chrysler Automobiles has rescinded that snippet from the document they filed with the NHSTA, replacing the engine’s horsepower with “NR” (not rated). Perhaps the original figure was a simple paperwork error or an early leak. When questions, FCA declined to comment on refiled version.

Though a detuned version of Jeep’s new “Hurricane” turbo I4 engine would make more sense in something like the Wrangler JL, a vehicle that fares better with low-end torque. A 368-hp I-4 would have put the Wrangler on par with something like the Mercedes CLA45 AMG, not something usually seen in any stock trim.

Perhaps then earlier reported 300 hp is more realistic for the Hurricane. In any case, we should hear more shortly with the Wrangler JL’s production date approaching (November).
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300 from a 2.0 twin charged unit is good enough for me because at the the end of the day we can tune it to get over 350 horse. From my experience another 50 horsepower isn't too much to ask for and at the same time won't do any harm to what already makes 300.
If the engine can handle 368 HP in another vehicle, you can simply tune it to produce similar results, though I think stock will be fine with most people and torque seems more important to me than pure ponies.
Unless they may some modifications to the engine, people will know it has the cab ability for more power and tune it to suit their needs, though some stress may be put onto other parts.
Here's an early look at the turbo four engine, also known as the Hurricane though output is still a mystery.

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How much of a power difference would the optional power pack make? Though it looks like a tight fit, we can probably go aftermarket for one.
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