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Wrangler JL vs Wrangler JK

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Just wanted to share this video I came across that pits the now discontinued JK against the new JL. Compares the differences in styling as well as the new features and options on the JL. There seem to be quite a lot of people who still prefer the looks of the JK. You really get a sense of how the windshields size and position has changed in the new model.
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The JL is simply a more refined version of the JK when you look at all the little details like the fold down windshield that won't disrupt the use of regular equipment like sun visors and such, even the doors are closing and opening like a normal non-removable door.
Surprised they lifted both Wranglers to take a look at the bottom and we get to see the cleaner underside with the JL's hidden EVAP canister.
Thanks for sharing this comparison! I was curious as to what exactly had been changed. I think JK owners will come around to the revised styling of the JL in due time. Its pretty apparent how much has been improved over the outgoing model.
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