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Wrangler Rubicon Recon

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I personally wouldn't spend $49k on a Wrangler, regardless of the setup. I don't really see what this model is capable of doing than a standard Rubicon couldn't do. Anyways still a good overview of the new features and specs of the JL. Disregard the incorrect title of the video.
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I’m not sure I’m following you here. Your thread title is about the Wrangler Rubicon Recon but the video is talking about the JL Rubicon. To the best of my knowledge, the JL doesn’t have a Recon or any other special editions. Yet...

Now as far as pricing, well thats all in what you want your new Jeep to have. A few months back I configured a JL as close as I could to my 2012 JKU Rubicon for giggles to see how much they’ve increased over the last 6 years. At that time I think the JL rang in about $46k which put it about $9k more than I paid for my Rubicon in 2012. It didn’t surprise me too much when factoring in yearly price increases and considering the additional features the JL has standard that my JK didn’t have. Of course when I started getting the itch to replace my JK, I starting playing around with configuring a new Rubicon how wanted it without sacrificing on the things that mattered to me since this is going to be a vehicle I’m planning on holding on to for upwards of 5-10 years. When all was said and done I had a vehicle that stickered at an eye watering $55k. It did give me a moment of pause and make question whether I should scale back on some of the options I selected. In the end I said screw it, partly be I got a price I could not refuse on the JL I wanted ($48,933) and partly because I was getting more for JK I was planning on trading in ($25.5k).
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Yeah I also saw this video the other day and it was pretty confusing as to which model they were actually covering, originally it was listed as a JK. Jeeps sure have jumped up in price over the years, but there is no arguing that there have been significant improvements to the factory performance. I wonder if we can expect a similar baseline price on the upcoming Scrambler.
The Rubicon is actually a pretty good deal for what you're getting in the package and even leaves some room for additional features depending on your budget. Messing around with the build page showed me that it's pretty much the best trim for me.
It'll probably end up saving you money in the long run too, if you have any interest in off roading. Nice that you don't need to worry about a lift kit if you want to put on some more beefy tires.
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